Ethics presentation ideas

Compliance programs must break this cycle by turning compliance push into employee pull. The list even includes games that can drive interest in and enhance the perception of compliance and ethics training.

Be sure the solutions you try mesh with culture, program goals, and employee expectations before diving in. Produce more team entries by encouraging poster submissions, which have a variety of photos related to the same issue. Posters provide more content around a single issue in an informative poster. The game is open to everyone.

The game creates genuine company-wide interest in both the manager and employee populations, and identifies a number of compliance and ethics issues and opportunities for the compliance team to discuss further. Set up a desk or multiple desks, workshops, offices, warehouses or production locations with a range of potential compliance and ethics issues.

You can see an example of a set-up in the image to the right, which was originally shared by the team over at Broadcat. Broadcat also has a great post that explains this game in more detail, which you can find here. Once your setup is complete, task employees with locating the breaches, either as individuals or teams. Playing the game across locations leads to more discussion as employees seek out answers to each question.

To disrupt and distract as the game progresses, introduce a competitive factor — such as vintage moped brands tie-breaker phase — which can be very successful. Of course, this may not work as well in geographically diverse companies. However, you could also make this a virtual activity rather than in-person. Compliance trivia is surprisingly easy to prepare.

But be prepared for associated logistical challenges in communication, judging, prizes, etc. The concept is simple, a Trivial Pursuit style game where all of the questions are related to compliance. If the idea of a completely compliance focused game would bore your workplace, sprinkle in some other fun workplace trivia in there to spice things up.

This could be questions about co-workers are the history of the company. Did it really happen, or was it made up for film or television? Organize the competition into two groups: one for managers and one for employees. This will engage the two populations separately and allow both to speak and present ideas freely.

Invite entries from individuals or teams, again, to encourage teamwork where possible. Internally promote the competition and advertise prizes, present opportunities for judging, and give out recognition awards to top ideas.

The game also serves to identify a number of compliance and ethics issues and opportunities to be considered within the program and with C-level executives.

Another approach is inter-team, division, or department competitions. The competition can be based on the games above, compliance and ethics based slogans, characters, taglines, or issues to highlight. Turn it into a competition by offering prizes and getting employees to vote for the winners. Again, just displaying entries publicly creates a powerful message that comes from a different angle.

Related: see how our employee helpline can increase employee reporting so you can proactively respond to issues.A growing number of professions are requiring continuing education in ethics.

169 Five-Minute Topics for a Killer Speech or Presentation

Failure to provide ethics training can contribute to costly, disruptive and embarrassing problems, as we continue to see played out in headlines. Frank is a recognized expert and thought leader—speaking, training, and writing on the subject of ethics and values—with well over unique programs delivered across the country. His training sessions combine a practical and useful approach with easy to implement ideas presented in an entertaining format.

It seems that media reports of companies being fined, or accusations of unethical or illegal behavior, are just about a daily feature in news reports. Most folks would agree that solid ethical business practices are desirable, good and necessary for business.

This program will explore the five challenges that threaten the reputation of an organization, and will present solutions to keep the focus on solid values and staying on the ethical high road. Compliance and Ethics Confusion. The lack of Moral Awareness. The Death of Bland Training.

The Leadership Quagmire. Like a valuable friendship, it is the organization that people want to associate with, the organization that is successful and strong to the core.

Many businesses today are vulnerable to illegal and unethical activities at every organizational level. This humorous and sometimes irreverent presentation will focus on five key areas that illustrate that doing the right thing, at the right time, for the right reason is not only wise, it is profitable! Trust and Loyalty — the basis for rewarding relationships, but easy to take for granted, and much tougher to regain.

Having a Moral Compass — In which direction are you headed? Accountable Leadership — Not just responsible leadership— but accountable to those you serve. Stewardship — What we do after we say we believe in the mission statement, the code of conduct, the values statement.

Problems and consequences attributed to poor ethical decisions can arise when ethical behavior is not defined, understood, or demonstrated. This program features easy-to-understand definitions of ethics, guidelines for tackling difficult decisions, practical examples, and a generous amount of humor; the result is an upbeat look at a key factor in long-term success.

This program is a general ethics presentation for employees organization-wide. Headlines relating to questionable practices at a number of high profile organizations over the past several years have increased pressure on businesses to reclaim trust. Leaders are increasingly challenged to find ways to deepen trust, foster collaboration, and build customer loyalty.When it comes to creating a good PowerPoint presentation, choosing an interesting topic can define your success.

Both teachers and students get bored with dull presentation topics. To avoid losing your audience and getting a lower grade, you should start with mulling over a few cool presentation ideas to pick a perfect topic.

Since there are so many different subjects, it might be rather difficult for you to find suitable topics for presentation assignments. Prior to getting started, go through this checklist and settle on one topic:.

ethics presentation ideas

Go online and look for interesting presentation topics. There is no guarantee that you will find a good subject to explore, but you can draw inspiration to come up with your own idea.

Your professors can provide you with some unique presentation ideas if you seek their help at once. The easiest way to make an effective presentation is to tell about something you are interested in or know well. So think carefully what makes you engaged in a particular subject and use it to construct a topic. If you are still uncertain about your presentation, read on to find a wide range of engaging presentation topics.

To help you make your college presentations exciting, we have composed the list of universally interesting topics in various subjects. The areas of study are arranged in alphabetical order. If you are in hurry and do not have a time for creating PowerPoint Presentation by your own, you may use our top-notch assistance. You can choose any of the suggested topics to make an interesting college presentation.

You can also try exploring curious and controversial aspects of a subject. In such a way, you will be able to find an engaging topic for your slide show. You should not forget to make your PowerPoint presentation effective and memorable. For this, use images of good quality and appropriate size. Remember that a successful presentation is a combination of interesting information and helpful visual aids. That is why it is crucial that you provide both for your audience. Best of luck!

ethics presentation ideas

We are currently working on it We will update our article Also, if you need help with powerpoint presentation or other type of academic writing, please apply to us We will help you.These key ethics ideas will help you to understand theory of knowledge, and produce a powerful TOK essay and presentation. You should try to the terms as much as possible, and ideally link them to key TOK thinkers. Absolutism means viewing actions or moral decisions as being inherently right or wrong within themselves.

This is opposed to consequentialism or utilitarianism, which calculates the morality of an action via its outcomes. For example, stealing for an absolutist is always morally unacceptable, as it is deemed intrinsically wrong. For the consequentialist, on the other hand, it can be morally permissible if it leads to a positive outcome — for example, a starving family surviving because they took food illegally.

Altruism is the act of helping someone or something in a completely disinterested or selfless way — in other words, without expecting any kind of reward for what you are doing.

ethics presentation ideas

The categorical imperative was one of the central idea of Immanuel Kant on moral philosophy. Rather than assessing the merit of an action via its outcome, Kant believed an action was inherently right or wrong within itself. This idea is known as a deontological approach to ethics see below. An example would be telling the truth. Consequentialism is an approach to ethics that is distinct from deontologicalism in that moral decisions and actions are judged by looking at their outcomes, rather than any inherent moral quality in themselves.

In other words, the ends justify or not the means — an action can be taken that may bring about harm, but its ultimate results may overshadow that, and make it acceptable. Deontologicalism, is a form of absolutism that was developed by Immanuel Kant. One example, mentioned above, was the issue of lying.

Is it ever morally responsible to lie — such as, perhaps, when we are given a gift we dislike, are asked our opinion about something that means far less to us than to the person asking, or we draw on euphemisms to ease the impact of a grandparent who has died? Or should we simply say that lying is always wrong, and always avoid doing so? It is therefore one of the central strands of anthropology, which studies the behaviour of people in cultures all around the world.

Egoism is an ethical belief that we should behave only according to what suits our own self-interest.

ethics presentation ideas

It is therefore in direct contrast with the idea of altruism. There are differences of opinion on how far this should go, but most believers in ethical egoism do not believe the well-being of others should be harmed by actions taken.

The Golden Rule of ethics is that you should treat other people as you wish to be treated yourself. Nihilism is essentially the belief in nothing — that life has no meaning, that values are worthless, that we can know nothing for certain, that existence itself may not even be real.

Ethical nihilists believe that morality does not exist, and any study of it is pointless. In contrast to descriptive ethics, normative or prescriptive ethics is the study of action, rather than just decision. Reciprocity forms the basis of most ethical systems in societies around the world, and basically mean that you give back to others what they give to you.No matter how skilled or well-trained you are, you still need to have the right attitude to maximize your potential.

In terms of presentations, one can develop an interactive PowerPoint deck and prepare an engaging speech while being unethical.

And this not only includes creating compelling slides, but also observing and evaluating yourself as an individual and a practitioner.

Key ethics ideas

What kind of treatment are you giving to your audience? Do you happen to overlook small things like showing respect and valuing their time? This includes how you treat your audience, and how you project your personal image. Download free PowerPoint templates now.

Get professionally designed PowerPoint slides weekly. Since you only have limited time to talk about your topic, label your points — from the most important down to the least important ones. Doing so enables you to share useful insights to your listeners and lets you present your pitch with ease and confidence.

This shows how preparation and practice work well together. Respect begets respect. Your audience surely wants to be. Avoid using examples that can put down or discriminate them in any way. Filter out negative and offending examples from the preparation stage. Presenting unreliable facts and information to your audience not only causes confusion, it also ruins your image and changes the way people perceive you.

This is why verifying each detail you include in your pitch is crucial. Ensure all your sources and references are credible to avoid misleading the audience and putting your reputation at stake. This leads back to the necessity of ample preparation to keep you from facing such situations. Remember, trust is the foundation of healthy and profitable relationships.

Being true to them will keep them from questioning your expertise and credibility. Avoiding plagiarism is also a big factor in showing and proving your honesty before others. Treating your audience the way you want to be treated is important in building good and lasting relationships.Given the vast number of modern-day business organizations, there's hardly any shortage of business ethics issues, as various questions to discuss arise every day.

Choosing a topic for your business ethics research paper shouldn't be a big problem. However, students should never completely rely on their own resourcefulness and ingenuity because their teacher's instructions may impose some limitations on them and thus interfere with their choice of topic. It is advisable to seek the assistance of professional writing services that deal with reports and research papers on the daily, therefore, can help you with any problem regarding your academic assignments.

It is also good, of course, to try and work everything out yourself. Even if you tend to use the help of specialized companies, it's useful to be tried in the field yourself.

So, once you have made up your mind about a topic, conducting research will be smooth sailing because examples of business ethics are plentiful and can be found everywhere these days. Being very similar to the argumentative essay, the business ethics paper is actually much easier to write, especially if you select a topic that causes a lot of people to voice their opinion about.

It is, therefore, makes more sense to go for a topic that is a bit more complex, as research papers are different from essays. After selecting a topic, it is best to approach your teacher for further tips on how you can go about dealing with the subject.

PPT Presentation on Business Ethics

If it is relevant, you can also mention the business's performance and value, thus not restricting yourself to the ethical side. You may find this type of paper quite interesting and insightful because business ethics is something business organizations attach much importance to. Instead of relying on your own thoughts or some old articles you may need to spend some time conducting thorough research as business ethics is liable to change from time to time.

Being the underlying principles that shape the behavior of any business entity, they center around fairness and honesty, thus enabling companies to make ethical decisions and have good and lasting relationships with their consumers and employees. If the consumers, community, government, and suppliers are in agreement and satisfied with a certain code of conduct, that means that business ethics is being adhered to. We present you with the list of topics that have both the potential to become a strong foundation to build your research on and enough material available to you as a college student in libraries and on the Web.

So, there's that! And these are only a few out of hundreds more topics our professionals can come up with on demand! With us, you're guaranteed a list of topics other writing companies can only dream about! In case you have any questions, want to give your personal expert further instructions, or simply want to know the progress of your paper, you can easily get in touch with us via by phone or email.

Presentation Ethics: 3 Tips to Increase Your Credibility

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