Fishing lure molds catalog

Decoy Rubber Threader. Do-it Beads pk. Do-it Bucktail. Do-it Buzzbait Rivet Blade Collar pk. Do-it Clevises pk. Do-it Craft Fur. Do-it Dual Injector Conversion Kit. Do-it Essential Series Colorant 1oz. Do-it Essential Series Plastisol. Do-it Essnetial Series Glitter 1oz Bottle. Do-it Jig Fiberguard pk. Do-it Lead Melting Hot Pot 2. Do-it Molds Tube Insert. Do-it Molds Tube Splines.

Do-it Soft Plastic Injector. Do-it Spring Wire Bobbin. Do-it Wacky Head Jig Wireguard pk. Do-it Wire Bait Keeper Form pk. Do-it Wooly Bugger Marabou. Slick Eco All Purpose Scissor.

Slick Thread Whip Finisher 6". Fattube Line Thru Swimbait Tubes 6pk. Griffin Odyssey Cam Vise. Hareline Economy Standard Bobbin. Hareline Extra Select Craft Fur. Hareline Krystal Flash. Hareline Lead Eyes 10pk. Hareline Pseudo Hair. Hareline Rabbit Strips. Hareline Slinky Fibre.Do-it Corporation is a world leader in the tackle crafting industry. Do-it has built this reputation by manufacturing the highest quality jig molds, lure molds and sinker molds available.

In addition to providing molds, Do-it prides itself on carrying the highest quality products and accessories available on the market at competitive prices. Javascript is disabled on your browser. To view this site, you must enable JavaScript or upgrade to a JavaScript-capable browser. Popular Tags New Product. Brand Do-It Molds. Do-It Mold for aspirin-head jigs. Flat sides for stick-on lure eyes. Barb collars keep plastics in place. Do-It Mold for bullet nose jigs.

Do-It Mold for football jigs. Do-It Mold for Banana Jigs. Unique nose diving action. Do-It Mold for Spearhead Jigs.

Great in turbulent waters. Precisely mimics injured fish. Do-It Molds for Sparkie Jigs. Gets down deep for big fish. Do-It Mold for football swing head jig. Accomodates nearly any plastic bait and flat out catches fish. Make your own Ultra Minnow Jigs. Great for "big ones" down deep. Make your own Tapered Tube Skirt Jigs.Molded from bar stock aluminum, each model of the Do-it Soft Plastic Mold has been rigorously researched and developed before it is available to the public, so you can rest assured that you have the very best the industry has to offer.

Any use of this name in whole or in part or sufficiently similar name used for commercial on non-commercial purposes, without the written consent of Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits, Inc is a potential trademark infringement.

Comments: This is my second mold in essential series. Not real pleased with 2nd one. Its the 3. I'm going to need to file on mold because poor casting on tail area.

Lure Making Supplies & Tools

Spend little more and order a CNC mold! Do it molds hit a home run with theses for sure. Item No. Add To Wish List. Do-it Jig Mold. Do-it Soft Plastic Mold.

Do-it Sinker Mold. Do-it Soft Plastic Lami Plate. Do-it Trokar Hook Jig Mold. We use cookies to make our website and your shopping experience effective, secure and user-friendly.

If you stay on this website, you agree to the use of cookies. You'll find more information on cookies at Data Protection.Filter clear all. Customer Rating. Sort by. Items per page: 15 30 45 All. Showing 1 - 15 of Item: IK Ultra-hard, warp-resistant aluminum alloy construction Machined faces and precision aligned hinges Color-coded wooden handle with hanger holes. Precision mold guarantees no flash or trimming Wood handles make bulky gloves unnecessary Mold is machined and halves are perfectly matched Properly pinned to give perfect alignment Unconditionally guaranteed.

Makes it easy to create your own sinkers Super-hard, warp-resistant aluminum-alloy construction Machined faces and precision-aligned hinges Convenient color-coded wooden handles with hanger holes Makes tapered sinkers for fewer snags. Cabela's Football Foam Strike Indicator 2. High floating, stealthy, and easy to use Goes on easily without cutting your line Rubber gasket doesn't damage light line Maintains depth without slipping. Superstrong design Ideal for molding into all types of sinkers.

Allows you to make your own bottom bouncers Pre-made stainless steel wire forms Pre-assembled with snap swivel Simply kink, mold, and paint if desired Closed eye design. Cabela's Looped Wire Shaft — Pack 3. Start making your own Bucktail spinners with our Looped Wire Shafts. Made of corrosion-resistant stainless-steel wire that holds up even in saltwater. Hot Pot 2 Lee Production Pot Infinite heat control.

Uses only watts of power during heat-up and a lot less to maintain temperature. Large sturdy base. Well suited for commercial casting, clubs, etc. Perfect for molding sinkers and lead-head jigs. Texas Tackle Split-Ring Pliers These pliers are specially designed to open a gap in a split ring for easy removal from a lure or hook eye.

Each pair is constructed of polished, surgical quality stainless steel for total corrosion resistance.

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Precision box-joint construction allows for extra-long life. Ready to be custom molded Made of Do-it Cannon Ball Mold 2. Do-it Blank Mold 1. This mold has no cavities built-in, so you can customize the mold to your specific lure-building needs. Machine shops or tool and die shops can usually cut molds to your specifications.

TwisTech Wire-Forming Tool 4. Build your own wire-based tackle Used by commercial tackle manufacturers No length limit to the wire you to use. We do not have for some of the selections you've made:. We do not have for some of your selections:. Restart the finder. Adjust the filter selections.Certain lure designs allowing pouring liquid plaatisol into closed molds without the use of an injector. This reduces cost and speeds up the time to make lures. Machined resin injection molds are long lasting molds designed to injection mold lures.

This molds are just slightly less precise than machined aluminum molds.

fishing lure molds catalog

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fishing lure molds catalog

Display the most frequently asked questions, so everybody benefits. By far silicone open pour molds offer the lowest initial cost of all the mold types. Cast resin molds are slighly more expensive than silicone partially due to the molds being two pieces to produce a "full round" lure. Machined resin molds are considerably more expensive than silicone, but much less than aluminium with very similar lure quality.

Machined aluminium injection molds are by far the most expensive.

fishing lure molds catalog

They also are the longest lasting, most durable, and provide the best quality lures. Silicone molds require no maintenecne and no mold release. Resin molds require periodic mold release application.

For all hobby use and most small to moderate size production operations all of the mold types will work well. Silicone and resin molds are capable of tens of thousands of pours without any degradation of the molds. Resin molds and aluminium molds can be polished as the surface finish degrades over time bringing them back to a "like new" condition. For large production volumes aluminium molds will last hundreds of thousands if not beyond a million lures before needing replaced.

Silicone molds will eventually degrade and become brittle over time due to heat cycling. This process takes many years and thousands of pours. Cast resin molds can distort over time due to heat cyclilng and surface finishes will degrade with use. Molds can be repolished to repair surface finish and heating the molds in an oven can repair warpage. Aluminium molds are very stable and will only show slight surface finish degradation over time due to corrosion caused by plastisol.

Do-It Jig Molds & Lure Building Products

Aluminium molds can be polished to "like new" condition over their life. Lure finish is dependent on the original finish of the lure mold. Open pour silicone molds are the most flexible as they allow easy multi-color lures to be made and accept a much larger range of resin compounds. Powered by GoDaddy Website Builder.

Home KITS. FusionX Fishing. The easiest, most versatile, and most economical lure mold option.Dolphin Sports, Inc.

How to make lures

We have purchased the business and are producing the same high quality jig and sinker molds that Roy Hilts made famous. Fishermen everywhere know the Hilts name stands for quality fishing tackle products, and we're committed to continuing that tradition. Inside the Hilts Molds web site, you'll find features including our downloadable catalog, online store, customer photos, and much more!

We've brought back all of your old favorite molds-proven sinkers and jigs that really work. There's a wide selection of wires, hooks, accessories, and fishing tackle making tools available for your convenience. The lineup will continue to expand to meet the needs of today's fisherman- if there's something you'd like to see us carry, let us know about it! Be sure to download our latest catalog for details!

Making your own tackle is a rewarding and economical activity. Keep it fun by handling all mold materials and tools safely. Be sure to review our mold instructions and safety notices to obtain best results. Thank you, and good tackle making!

Michael R. Hilts Molds is Back!Back to Mold Index. Blank Molds Mold Starter Kits. Privacy Policy write us about us. SwimBait Head. Diner Shiner. Freestyle Jig.

Round Head Jig with Barb. Manic Mullet Jig. Herring Head Jig. Midwest Finesse Jig. Poison Swingtail Jig. Football Swing - Jig. Gary Yamamoto Swimming Jig. Shake-It Jig. Arrowhead Jig. Aspirin-Head Jig. Banana Jig. Bullet Jig. Bullet Nose Jig. Chub Jig. Crappie Jig. Darter Jig. Ear Ball Lure.

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