Ielts reading 6 passage 1 answers

Look at the following events Questions and the list of dates below. Write the correct letter, A-Fin boxes on your answer sheet. Keywords in Questions. Similar words in Passage. Q1 : Vehicles with refrigerator were used to transport on the road. Sincecars with the refrigerating system had been utilised to deliver and distribute milk and butter. Note : Considering every details in the question and in the 1st line of paragraph 6, we can conclude that Q1 is confirmed in the passage. Hence, For that reason, the answer is D Q2: Ice was sold around the United States for the first time.

Note : Considering every detail in the question and in paragraph 3 — line 5 from the passage, we can conclude that Q2 is confirmed in the passage. For that reason, the answer is B Q3: Some kind of chemical refrigerant was found harmful to the atmosphere.

You can easily find out that paragraph 7 mentions about many chemicals such as CFCs, Gases,… which had detrimental effects to the ozone layer. Considering everything, the answer is F After skimming and scanning, you can realize that the main idea of paragraph 1 is about the introduction of refrigeration. Keep on reading. Then, move your eyes to the last line of this paragraph so you can find out the year that matches the given information in the Question. For that reason, the answer is C Q5: Some chemicals were added to refrigerate wine.

Note: Considering every details in the question and in the passage, we can conclude that Q5 is confirmed in the passage. For that reason, the answer is A Look at the why does my ac unit kerp blowing a fuse full opinions or deeds Questions and the list of people below.

Write the correct letter, A-Gin boxes on your answer sheet. Inrefrigerated, railroad cars are patented to J. B, Sutherland from Detroit, Michigan, who invented insulated cars by installing the ice bunkers at the end of the cars : air came in from the top, passed through the bunkers, circulated through the cars by gravity and controlled by different quantities of hanging flaps which caused different air temperatures.

The content of Q6 is confirmed in line 4 paragraph 6. For that reason, E J. Sutherland is the answer. The content of Q7 is similar to what the author said in the passage.This project for a model prison tackles issues of architecture, management and funding in an enlightened attempt to achieve lasting rehabilitation.

Surprisingly, for a prosperous, progressive Western democracy, the UK has a lamentable penal record. Despite such substantial investment, over half of British prisoners re-offend within two years of release.

Such high rates of recidivism is a serious problem. It means that the prison population is continuing to grow at an alarming rate recently by as many as a weekso overcrowding is endemic, hampering opportunities for education and rehabilitation and lowering staff and prisoner morale.

To ease this pressure, the UK government is investing in the prison estate at historic levels, with 12, new prison places proposed within the next few years. Most are poorly educated young men under 30 at least 60 per cent of whom are functionally illiterate and innumerateso without education and skills, few will be able to build meaningful lives away from crime, no matter how often they go to prison, or how long they spend there.

Any transformation of the penal system must start with the redesign of prison buildings. Prison architecture has a clearly discernible effect on behaviour, operational efficiency, interaction and morale. Last year, architects Buschow Henley were commissioned by a think tank organisation working with the Home Office Prison Service to research and develop an alternative prison model that focuses more intensely on rehabilitation through a concentrated programme of intellectual, physical and social education.

This has two important consequences. First, the more compact spatial organisation of the house reduces staff time spent on supervising and escorting prisoners.

IELTS Reading 6 - Passage 1

Second, the system places educational and other facilities at the heart of the building, within easy reach at all times of day, reinforced by a supportive social environment.

This model also enables resources to be dramatically redeployed, from a current estimated ratio of costs of security versus rehabilitation to a predicted reversed figure offreeing up much-needed funds to invest in educational programmes, thereby helping to promote rehabilitation, reduce recidivism and initiate a virtuous cycle. Houses are semi-autonomous, not just dormitories, with communal, as opposed to centralized, facilities. Circulation is simplified and reduced. Buildings are arranged in a chess-board formation, as opposed to pavilions marooned in space, each with a discrete external area that can be productively used for sport, games or gardening with a minimum of supervision.

Individual cells are replanned to make them less like domestic lavatories and more conducive to learning. In an inversion of the conventional layout, the bed is placed lengthways along the external wall at a high level, freeing up space below. Storage is built-in and each inmate is provided with a moveable table equipped with electronic tools for study.

Washing facilities are contained in a small adjoining space included in the basic 8 sqm allowance so reducing pressure on prison staff to manage inmate hygiene and ablution. While this new type of prison appears to be somewhat liberal, the arrangement of spaces and functions both inside and out is actually tightly controlled.

Paradoxically, however, this proscription enables a greater range of activities to take place and makes general supervision easier. In this environment the prisoners are judged not by their degree of conformity, but by the scope of their activities and achievements, so laying the foundations for genuine rehabilitation.

Why is the bed placed lengthways along the external wall at a high level? See More Posts. Your email address will not be published. Table of Contents. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.During the sixth and seventh centuries, the inhabitants of the modern-day states of Gujarat and Rajasthan in North-western India developed a method of gaining access to clean, fresh groundwater during the dry season for drinking, bathing, watering animals and irrigation.

However, the significance of this invention — the stepwell — goes beyond its utilitarian application. It was built by Queen Udayamati during the late 11th century, but became silted up following a flood during the 13th century. At 65 metres long, 20 metres wide and 27 metres deep, Rani Ki Vav features distinct sculptures carved into niches throughout the monument, depicting gods such as Vishnu and Parvati in various incarnations. Incredibly, in Januarythis ancient structure survived a devastating earthquake that measured 7.

Step 4: Now read for keywords and alternative to keywords. Examples of ancient stepwells can be found all over the world. During the sixth and seventh centuriesthe inhabitants of the modern-day states of Gujarat and Rajasthan in North-western India developed a method of gaining access to clean, fresh groundwater during the dry season for drinking, bathing, watering animals and irrigation.

Stepwells had a range of function s, in addition to those related to water collection. The few existing stepwells in Delhi are more attractive than those found elsewhere. Some were located in or near villages as public spaces for the community; others were positioned beside roads as resting places for travellers. It took workers many years to build the stone steps characteristic of stepwells. As their name suggests, stepwells comprise a series of stone steps descending from ground level to the water source normally an underground aquifer as it recedes following the rains.

When the water level was high, the user needed only to descend a few steps to reach it; when it was low, several levels would have to be negotiated. The number of steps above the water level in a stepwell altered during the course of a year. Which part of some stepwells provide d shade for people? Others are more elaborate, with long stepped passages leading to the water via several storeys built from stone and supported by pillars, they also included pavilions that sheltered visitors from the relentless heat….

What type of serious climatic eventwhich took place in southern Rajasthanis mentioned in the article? The terraces house small, intricately carved shrines between the sets of steps.

IELTS Practice Test Volume 6

Now, the question is- what thing produce geometric pattern? Hey, there! I hope my comment will be helpful to make this awesome website even better! Log in to leave a comment.One of the first water clocks was a basin […]. Although these devices performed satisfactorily around the Mediterranean; they could not always be depended on in the cloudy and freezing weather of northern Europe.

Keywords: new, cabinet shape, timekeeper. Thus, all the answers will be found in paragraph G. This is a very incomplete part of the picture. So, the correct heading for this paragraph is defining airspace categories. Keywords: beacons, flashing lights, used, today In this passage, the writer does not mention whether beacons and flashing lights are still used by ATC today.

Beacons and flashing lights are referred to in paragraph B, but we are not told if this system has been abandoned completely or is still used. So, the statement is not given.

ielts reading 6 passage 1 answers

So, the statement is true. I think with question 24, it did not mention class F was not near airports throughout the text so it is not absolutely true.


They devised a civil calendar in which the months were equal in length. They developed a new cabinet shape for a type of timekeeper. They created a calendar to organize public events and work schedules. The FAA was created as a result of the introduction of the jet engine. Beacons and flashing lights are still used by ATC today. Class F airspace is airspace which is below m and not near airports. A pilot entering Class C airspace is flying over an average-sized city. Involved a person acting as a 31….

Positive results could be produced by factors such as 34…. The results were then subjected to a…. Related Posts. About The Author admin. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.Candidates who have too much difficulty in finding the answers and explaining the answers for the reading modulethis post may be a guide to how best and quick you can find the answers and how easily you can apply them in your next test.

This will help you as a step-by-step process and clarify if you have any confusion. This question asks you to find information from the passage and write the number of the paragraph A, B, C or D …. Rather, you should answer all the other questions first. For this passage, first, answer question 4- After finishing with these questions, come to question And just like List of Headingsonly read the first two lines or last two lines of the expected paragraph initially.

If you find the answers, you need not read the middle part. The rest of the paragraph is about food only. So, by placing the word distinguish here, the writer means that these two things only apply to food production. Question 2: a reference to challenges faced only by farmers in certain parts of the world. Keywords for the answer: challenges, only, farmers in certain parts of the world.

Now, many candidates will think it says farming problems of the whole world. Go through the next lines. Question 3: a reference to difficulties in bringing about co-operation between farmers. It takes time, effort ……. This question asks you to match the given statements with the list of people in the box below the question. Here, there are names of six agriculturists who have made different statements in the passage.

First, find the main keyword of the question from the passage and then match other supporting keywords. Then, you can decide which person has made the selected statement. Read the instructions for the questions carefully. Question 4: Financial assistance from the government does not always go to the farmers who most need it.

Ielts Reading Skill- 10 Tips for IELTS Reading Test Passage 1

Keywords for the answer: financial assistance, does not always go to the farmers. Here, farmers are not rich. The main keyword collaborating is synonymous to collective action and this phrase first appears in Paragraph H. Question 6: Financial assistance from the government can improve the standard of living of farmers.

Keywords for the answer: financial assistance, standard of living, farmers. Question 7: Farmers may be helped if there is financial input by the same individuals who buy from them. Keywords for the answer: may be helped, financial input, same individuals, buy. Skim to Paragraph I and you find these synonyms or some synonymous phrases.

ielts reading 6 passage 1 answers

There is a statement in paragraph D which deals with the reduction of variation in prices. Just focus on the words and phrases in the last three lines of paragraph D. Question 9: Improvements to infrastructure can have a major impact on risk for farmers. Keywords for the answer: improvements to infrastructure, major impact, risk for farmers. In lines 3, 4, 5 and 6, you find talks about improvements of infrastructures like roadswater, and food storage facilities etc.

Also, here are other phrases which match with the question.Until recently, the thought that there might ever be a cure for ageing seemed preposterous. Growing older and more decrepit appeared to be an inevitable and necessary part of being human. Over the last decade, however, scientists have begun to see ageing differently.

Some now believe that the average life-expectancy may soon be pushed up to years; others think that it may be extended to or years. A handful even wonder whether we might one day live for a millennium or more.

Behind this new excitement is the theory that the primary cause of ageing lies in highly reactive molecules called free radicals, left behind by the oxygen we breathe.

The body does its best to protect itself against free radicals by producing its own chemicals to prevent ageing, such as vitamins E and C, but it is always fighting a losing battle.

A year ago Gordon Lithgow of the University of Manchester discovered a way to help combat free radicals. Using one of these anti-ageing chemicals. Despite cautionary words from the scientists, many welcomed this as the first step towards a drug which would extend life. Research involving the mutation of genes has also thrown up fascinating results: after identifying two of the genes that appear to control how long the earthworm lives, similar genes were found in organisms as various as fruit-flies, mice and human beings.

When one considers the vast evolutionary distances that separate these species, it suggests that we may have discovered a key to how ageing is regulated throughout the entire animal kingdom. In June last year a small American company called Eukarion sought permission to carry out the first trials of an anti-ageing drug, SCS, on human beings.

Some scientists, however, are quick to discourage extravagant speculation. Some research, moreover, has produced alarming results. As well as controlling ageing, these, genes also partly control the hormones which regulate growth. The upshot of this is that although the lives of mutant mice can be extended by up to 80 per cent, they remain smaller than normal.

Quite apart from these sorts of horrors, the ethical implications of extending human lifespan are likely to worry many people. It strikes me that it might feel rather claustrophobic: all those middle-aged people and very few children or young people.

Clearly, there are only so many rounds of golf one would want to play. But Polkinghorne, a member of the Human Genetics Commission, also observes that so far our experience of extended life-expectancy has not resulted in world-weariness.Only the opinion of this director is mentioned, so we are not told if this film was one of the greatest films ever made.

Film carried American life and values around the globe.

ielts reading 6 passage 1 answers

We do not know if the cinema presents a biased view of other countries. Indeed, some said that……cinema would fade away. The more skilled employees are the most likely to leave. Instead, the paragraph deals only with matching people to jobs.

So they think that the quality of their work is important. It is similar to the given statement. So, there is scientific evidence that eating fewer calories may extend human life. Reduced operation of the machinery should limit their production and thereby constrain the damage. So, the damage is constrained because of limited emission of free radicals, or fewer free radicals are emitted. Thank you very much,i would appreciate if you include previous books too,please,by which i mean cambridge3,4 and 5.

How cinema teaches us about other cultures. It is important to understand how the first audience reacted to the cinema. Keywords: first audience, understand, reacted. A shrinking organization tends to lose its less skilled employees rather than its more skilled employees.

It is easier to manage a small business than a large business. Keywords: small business, large business. High achievers are well suited to team work. Keywords: High achievers, team work. Some employees can feel manipulated when asked to participate in goal-setting. The staff appraisal process should be designed by employees.

Studies show drugs available today can delay the process of growing old. There is scientific evidence that eating fewer calories may extend human life. Not many people are likely to find a caloric-restricted diet attractive. Diet-related diseases are common in older people.

Keywords: Diet-related diseasesolder people. In experiments, rats who ate what they wanted led shorter lives than rats on a low-calorie diet. Monkeys experienced more chronic disease. Monkeys enjoyed a reduced chance of heart disease. Monkeys produced greater quantities of insulin.

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