Rare gas signs

The oldest are the best and many are lithographed or stenciled. I buy, sell and trade all types of these signs. These Antique Porcelain Signs are very collectible and have been appreciating in value more than most collectibles. Porcelain signs come in a variety of sizes styles and colors…They are some of the most collectible advertising signs in the industry because of there long lasting beauty…we have many and below are some we have however we have m,any more….

Our inventory changes daily and i will try and keep this website up to date as much as possible. Vintage porcelain signs. In conclusion these made a very durable sign that has even lasted into modern times. Finally porcelain sign were phased out because of high production cost. The 1st neon sign was introduced in to a Paris Barber.

rare gas signs

Then jk home guard new pay 2019 were then filled with inert gases or neon, processed and then hooked to a high voltage transformer to get the desired effect. As a result these tubes were very fragile and often times they broke. Most of all these brands are Soda, Beer, Candy, Tobacco and other up coming events.

There are many other types and categories of Vintage Sign collectible formats also. Before you start collecting anything, due your homework, there are many thieves out there who will gladly take your money for new current reproductions or fantasy pieces, Also beware of restored signs being sold as all original…. Porcelain Vintage old Signs. Coca Cola porcelain sign. Buick Porcelain Neon Sign 2nd Side. Federal Tires Authorized Sales agency sign. Blatz Beer Porcelain Neon Sign.

Hudson Sales Service Porcelain Sign. Buick Neon Porcelain Sign. Chevron Porcelain Neon Sign…. Pontiac Porcelain Neon Sign. Oakland Pontiac Porcelain Sign. Buick Porcelain valve in head neon sign. V-9 Budweiser porcelain neon sign.

Nash Autos Porcelain neon sign. Ford Porcelain neon sign. Valiant Authorized Service porcelain auto sign. Pontiac Goodwill porcelain neon sign.

Coca Cola Fountain service sign. Falstaff Porcelain neon beer sign. Blatz porcelain neon beer sign.Welcome to Gassigns.


There are over brands represented here. We are presenting them here for history's sake, lest they be forgotten in the world of ever-changing gasoline brands. Note: There is nothing for sale here. These are historical photos and information for reference only.

rare gas signs

If you want to jump to a particular letter, use the jumpbar below. You can return to here with your BACK button. Or, just browse through the alphabetical index and click the brand you want to see. Also there is a search tool below, which can search for names or words on every page of gassigns. Griffin Gulf Gull. Food Mart Jump Stop. Jiff Mr. Fuel Mr. Lubrication Mr. United United Ark. United Oil Calif. Foodmart U.

Fuel U. Xpress XTR. Unnamed Stations. Disclaimer: This is a personal web page with all contents the sole responsibility of the author. All product logos appearing on this site are registered trademarks of the respective companies and are shown for historical purposes only. The author is in no way affiliated with any of the companies shown, nor is this page endorsed by or officially supported by any of these companies. This site contains names, dates, locations, and historical information regarding the various brands.

While believed to be correct, much of this information comes many years after the fact, and not necessarily from official sources. All such information is subject to change and correction without notice. There is no guarantee that the data is accurate. Note: Photos and scans on these pages are copyrighted by the respective contributor and gassigns. As with any other copyrighted works, Reproduction or copying in any form without permission is prohibited.

This includes displaying these photos on any other website. If you find any of these photos on another website, please let me know so that I can take appropriate action.Wayne 70 Gas Pump Display Case. Mobil Oil Coaster 4pc Set.

Beacon Gasoline Metal Sign. Flying A Gasoline Metal Sign. Polly Gasoline Metal Sign. Route 66 Service Station Metal Sign. Vintage Signal Gasoline Metal Sign. Superfast Oil Can Metal Sign. American Gasoline Metal Sign. Speedway Motor Oil Metal Sign. Richfield Vintage Metal Sign. Washington Gasoline Vintage Metal Sign. Hancock Gasoline Garage Steel Sign. If you grew up enjoying the United States via the open road, you have probably become familiar with particular landmarks and sights.

With our expansive line of vintage gas station memorabilia, evoke some of that nostalgia and display a bit of your history for all to see. Perhaps you aren't the enthusiast, but you know someone who is. Old gasoline station signs and memorabilia make excellent gifts for the car enthusiast s in your life. There are plenty of options available, so if you can't decide on only one, why not buy more? They make excellent conversation pieces and work well in spaces like:.

At California Car Cover, we don't sell cheap knockoffs that will fall apart the moment they arrive at your door. Careful, meticulous consideration has been put into every item from wall art to gas station memorabilia for sale so that it is as close as possible to its original counterpart. Our product line is expansive, reaching into the depths of your memory so that when you're searching, you really do find something for everyone.

For the truly sentimental souls, we carry a line of vintage gas pump replicas that look just like the real thing. Researched and thoughtfully designed, each pump is built to model the original as closely as possible. Depending on the model you choose, you can even use them as curio cabinets to display other memorabilia inside of an already awesome piece.

Remember the way those bright gas station lights represented a break during a long stretch of driving when you were a kid? Recreations of those same signs that you remember are available in oversized versions to bring back those memories. Check out our selection; you might be surprised to find certain name brands that you remember and some that you had almost forgotten.

Simplicity is all you need sometimes when you're looking for wall decor, and our selection of tin signs from different decades helps you find exactly what you're looking for. From vintage advertisements to gasoline name brands, tin signs make a cool addition to any wall. Rolling on a simple layer of paint can only do so much to give your man cave a fresh, new look. Give the space added appeal by hanging some vintage auto signs including old gas station signs, vintage oil signs or even some personalized car signs to truly make the space your own.

Show off your love and loyalty to your favorite auto brands, or display classic gems that remind you of your childhood. Whatever the reason, your bro pad deserves a little TLC to really make it stand out and give you a comfortable place to unwind and feel at ease.

Use your specialized designer eye to overhaul your old, dingy room with some distinct, classic auto memorabilia and enjoy the benefits of your awesome upgrades. Expand past your love for gas station metal signs with a variety of vintage gas pumps, available in small, counter-size options or full-scale, free-standing replicas. All it takes is some quality vintage pieces to give the room an entirely new look, one suitable for an auto enthusiast who enjoys his personal space.

Bring over your car-loving buddies, sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor after you spend a little time turning your man cave into the ideal setup it was designed to be.First of all We specialize in these porcelain and neon signs. Furthermore Because we have a huge collection of them. Probably almost buy and sell all types of porcelain neon signs including car, automobile, truck train, plane, Oil and Gas Mobil, Shell, Cities Service, Texaco and many other brands.

Buy or sell any neon sign. I almost am ready to help in the same. A unique porcelain sign speaks to us about an older, simpler time. When gas stations were still full service and coke bottles cost a nickel.

Many collectors stick to a specific brand or style of sign. While others collect anything that falls in a certain time frame. Some of the most well-known items include the Coca Cola porcelain sign. Most of all these come in all sizes, shapes, styles and forms, some are die cut with multiple colors of porcelain and neon. You have or had a great collection! How much for the rc cola sign missing the cabinet and neon?

rare gas signs

Happy New Year, 34 the Howard Johnson sign…you say not cheap…how much is that please? Where did all those signs go? Best, Flash. Thank you Dave. Hi Darryl I am interested in the Grain Belt on tap skin number 18 how much is this sign? Are these available for sale, and if so, how much?

Somewhere in America Super Rare Antiques Gas Pumps & Signs Belong to Bones

I have many pages…. You can call me at or email me your contact and i will call you……Thanks Darryl. Hello, I am opening a spa and mineral hot springs hotel. Hello……I received your email about using some vintage road signs for you new business………Yes i do have some of those types of signs…. Did you sell the horizontal Buick sign? If not, what is the cost? Where would I see a current inventory? Love the site!

Some really cool old items! Looking for specific neon style for a client.Skip to main content Vintage Oil and Gas Signs. In Stock. Very nice looking vintage reproduction Standard gas sign that has vivid metallic flake coloringthat is a Nice quality for indoor use. Add to cart.

Only 2 left in stock - order soon. Great color, great sign! Do not rely on the Velcro circles, they include, to mount this sign. I did, and thirty minutes later it crashed to the floor, putting a small dent in the perfectly rounded edging. Thankfully, I was able to use screwdrivers to carefully restore the edging to its former shape.

Only 5 left in stock - order soon.

rare gas signs

Ogilvie lake stevens, wa. These signs are well made and the color is bright. My husband wanted fun signs to put up in our garage and these were perfect. He ordered 3 different sinclair signs and we are happy with them. The price is comparable to other places that I have seen these signs. Great vintage retro and a steal to find. Neighbor said "that's old for sure". In stock.

Cute, but the "rusty" parts are somewhat fake. Currently unavailable. OChoice is my choice for vintage beer signs. Order a great product but make sure it gets to you in good shape. It really adds to the atmosphere, making it fun and a great place to hang out drinking home made brews. Thanks Ochoice, if I had more room I would buy more from you.

See All Buying Options. Only 19 left in stock - order soon. Needs good quality repro signs like this to help achieve the tiki bar cum gas station look Im after. But it looks good and I'm happy. Prior to having access to Amazon's great range it was a bit pot luck looking for things like this.

No Sir I ain't got none.Even among these types you often will see subtypes such as die-cuts, curb signs, pump plates, embossed, flanged, and more. Even well versed experts can only give you their opinion based on the information we have available, the market for signs in particular is volatile and often surprising. If you believe you have signs that we might be interested in, then please contact us via email, phone, or use our contact form. I also include in this category, lower condition signs of mid level rarity.

High End Collectible Signs are those that advanced, experienced, and wealthy collectors are actively looking for. To bring top prices signs need to be in excellent condition without areas of damage or rust, without fading, bends or other defects and preferable with a nice shine or luster to the surface of the sign. The easiest and quickest way to get an accurate value is to email us at Info ManifestAuctions.

We respond quickly to all inquiries. Stacks Bowers will be holding their annual currency and coin auction in Read More. L ive A uctioneers. F acebook. Manifest Auctions. Live Auctioneers Facebook. Signs with only a few known examples will naturally bring higher prices from collectors than those that you can buy at any show or that can be found on ebay frequently.

Gas Station Signs & Memorabilia

How can you know if your sign is rare or common? There is a weird effect I sometimes see from this where even with strong demand people will vastly overprice their items and then try to sell them, which only turns off buyers. Offering a sign at the right price initially generates the highest demand and brings the best prices in the end.

Design: The design of a sign also affects its value, collectors love to see signs with attractive designs and good colors.

Hood, or Harbor Petroleum signs. There are valuable signs out there as well with rather simple designs but those are the exception rather than the rule. Brand: The brand a particular sign is advertising for is also an important component to value, many collectors will focus on one or two brands to build their collection around, so someone trying to get a sign for their brand that may seem otherwise unimportant can get increased value if there is a large group of collectors focused on that brand, this is part of the reason so many gas and oil signs sell for such high prices.

Size: The size of porcelain signs is a big factor in value. Larger signs tend to sell at a relative discount the bigger they get, since there is so much hassle in transporting and displaying them. This is just a general guideline of course, there are incredibly valuable signs at all sizes but this is a good guideline to pay attention to. Condition: As with all types of collectibles, condition is king. Additionally, condition increases the value at an almost exponential rate where the difference between a grade 8 and grade 9 is much larger than the difference between a grade 7 and grade 8.

Collectors are after signs for the display factor and how they look. High End Collectible Signs: High End Collectible Signs are those that advanced, experienced, and wealthy collectors are actively looking for. Social L ive A uctioneers.Also old filling stations are a part of our great Americana and these types of collectible have a beautiful artistic value. Some are beautiful and. Check out some of my website pages Vintage Neon Signs.

Phillips 66, American Gasoline. Vintage Nichol Kola tin sign 's There are several versions of this old sign. This is an early diner club sign from the 's or 60's, its heavy metal and 2 sided Vintage Marmon Automobiles dealership sign, sand painted background with raised wood letters A very rare sign and nice condition Litening Gas was in Montana and Minnesota that i know of.

Great embossed finger pointing sign ladies restroom I believe these are from the early 's. This very early tin lithograph of the ugly kid Hires root Beer has beautiful colors These 2 Astronauts went on the Apollo 15 lunar mission in A great sign with historic significance This sign is much more rare than the porcelain or any other route 66 sign.

Budweiser porcelain neon in excellent condition, however its not the one pictured, but its same style in excellent condition and neon needs to be replaced. That one had the spigots and i believe the sign came either way, with or without spigots and i've had both versions. This sign is approx. Old times gas station garage neon clock with original old tires and porcelain neon clock face Durant Motor Cars sign from the late 's and its 2 sided porcelain This 2 sided flange is very old and excellent condition.

It comes in 2 pieces and is single sided porcelain Public telephone for Bell Excellent condition and again, Very Rare This is one of 2 signs I owned advertising Clark's Super Gas I sold this one pictured and still have the other one, however its not quite as nice of condition and its packed away now and i don't have a photo of it, but its similar condition and its for sale At approx.

It has a Tank, Plane and War ship for graphics. AGAIN, this is a very rare sign and i have never seen another Goetz Porcelain country club beer sign I believe the text is green jewels and the border is amber colored jewels, or visa versa This may have been reverse lit with neon and not incandescent bulbs Conoco Motor Oil sign, 2 sided and excellent condition.

Mail Pouch thermometer is approx. This sign is Greyhounds first sign form there first line that went fromHibbing Minnesota to Montana I would guess its from the 's to 's It does have some chips however its a rare sign and very difficult to find Leinenkugel's BEER porcelain sign"in my collection".

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