Subaru cvt transmission problems

The following article provides information on CVT problems. The transmission system of an automobile is an integral car part that turns engine rotations into torque, which in turn allows one to drive the car at variable speeds.

The transmission systems are categorized into manual and automatic transmissions.

Subaru CVT Problem. Rant.

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subaru cvt transmission problems

Get in touch with us and we'll talk A continuously variable transmission CVT is a type of automatic car transmission system that uses a pulley and belt system to provide an unlimited range of gear ratios. Inthe Japanese automobile manufacturer, Subaru, introduced the electronic continuously variable transmission ECVT in a hatchback called Subaru Justy.

It was sold between and in the United States. Though CVT equipped vehicles were not well-received in the automobile industry earlier, over the years, improved continuously variable transmission systems have been developed, and these are capable of handling more powerful engines.

Subaru Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)

When it comes to acceptance, cars equipped with a continuously variable transmission have a long way to go. Some of the models have failed, which often raises doubts in the minds of prospective buyers. Cars with a CVT system make use of a pair of variable-diameter pulleys and belts to provide varied gear ratios.

The input pulley is connected to the engine, whereas the output pulley is connected to the drive wheels. A metal belt runs between the two pulleys. When the pulley halves come closer to each other, the metal belt or chain goes higher on the pulley, thereby increasing the diameter of the pulley. Different gear ratios are achieved through the change in the diameter of the pulleys. Lower ratio would be achieved when the diameter of the input pulley is smaller than the output pulley and vice versa.

Thus, the change in the diameter of pulleys plays a great role in changing the ratio of engine speed to car speed. Automakers have also come up with other types of continuously variable transmissions such as hydrostatic or toroidal CVT. Toroidal CVT systems use power rollers and discs, whereas hydrostatic systems use hydrostatic pumps and motors for getting varied gear ratios.Once praised for its design, Subaru's CVT is showing problems aging ranging from jerks and shudders, to hestiations and stalls.

The issues have forced Subaru to extend their CVT warranty. Yeah, about that …. Once the CVT started to fall out of its standard warranty, owners were met with increased hesitations, jarring shudders, and even the occasional stalls. Enough complaints were made that Subaru eventually agreed to extend the CVT warranty for 1. More on that in a bit. The Lineartronic design uses two hydraulically operated pulleys connected by a metal chain. First, the transmission has a case of the shuddersparticularly when slowing down.

However, it does not apply to salvaged or rebuilt CVTs. Free Vehicle Alerts. Scott McCracken is a writer and analyst for CarComplaints. He is in charge of the site's alert systemwhich notifies subscribers about recalls, investigations, lawsuits, and other news about their specific vehicle for free.

Follow carcomplaints. Based on my internet research, there has been a problem with the CVT transmissions, but Subaru hasn't issued a recall. So I called customer service and filed a report and the person I spoke to told me to request a driver's test with Subaru. I did and they found out that the transmission was defective so they replaced it with a re-manufacture one but I am having problems with shifting from park to drive and from drive to park.

Major class action law firms use this data when researching cases. Add a Complaint. Notify the CAS. Their focus is on safety-related issues. Subaru Support. Subaru Plaza P. Yeah, about that … Once the CVT started to fall out of its standard warranty, owners were met with increased hesitations, jarring shudders, and even the occasional stalls. Learn about the news before others. Impress your friends. Be a hero. Other Subaru Problems. What Owners Are Saying. File Your Complaint CarComplaints.If you notice that your vehicle's Continuously Variable Transmission CVT isn't working as well as it used to, listen up.

Subaru has issued a warranty extension for the CVT assemblies on certain models from the original five 5 year or 60, miles to ten 10 years ormiles, whichever comes first. Subaru reports that no customer complaints or specific conditions are behind this warranty extension. Instead, Subaru reports that it wants to provide customers with added assurance regarding the reliability of the CVT assemblies. On the affected vehicles, the warranty is being extended to ten 10 years ormiles, whichever occurs first, from the date the vehicle was originally placed into service regardless of ownership.

Vehicles that exceed the terms of this extended warranty are eligible for warranty repairs if inspections and repairs are completed prior to July 31, After that time, all inspections and repairs must be completed prior to the 10 year ormile warranty extension limits.

It does not apply to salvage CVT assemblies, rebuilt salvage vehicles, or CVT assemblies that were re-manufactured, overhauled, or rebuilt by companies not approved by Subaru. Remember that this warranty extension is not being issued to correct a specific problem. But if you have a problem or a concern regarding your CVT, you should contact a dealer to arrange for an inspection and possibly a repair or replacement. Repairs may include parts replacement when technicians determine that part replacement will correct a failure.

Examples of such part replacements include but are not limited to the torque converter, control valve body harness, sensors and switches. In cases where more extensive repairs will be required, a replacement CVT assembly may be installed.

Subaru dealers may perform a complimentary inspection of the CVT assembly even if the vehicle is displaying no symptoms. Subaru is not currently accepting claims for reimbursement. If you believe that you should be reimbursed for prior repairs, we encourage you to contact Subaru.

If you have any questions regarding this warranty extension, contact Subaru at Subaru is extending the warranty on our '16 Outback CVT transmission tomiles. The problem is, if our transmission fails atmiles we get to pay thousands of dollars for their screw-up. What is with this company? First their head gaskets, then the oil consumption, and now this? The CVT turned up with a design problem over time.

Things happen. But why screw around with their customers like they did with the oil consumption problem?

If it was mine, I would sell it or trade it atmiles. Shortly after I bought it, Toyota extended the warranty on the 6 speed automatic to 10 years ormiles and I have no idea why. This is the new way car makers are getting around calling of a recall.

Extending them to amile warranty. Of course transmission shops will take care of it with a replacement Used or new only. No rebuilds. Cost is 4K to 5K. Anyone that took their car the dealership though the Nissan dealer would just replace it no charge, then tell you about the extension.

These extended warranties are all over the Internet for different cars for different reasons. Nissan and Subaru have been the guinea pigs for the CVT transmissions. JATCO makes them for both companies.

Some vehicles are equipped with paddle shifters and everything. Take your car in right away and get yourself the new transmission. Then, try to take it back again just before you hit the hundred thousand mile Mark and get another one if you can. The only way they willwl replace your tranny, after this 1st change out, is if they smell burnt fluid. Also remember that you have to use their fluid and not another brand.

Theirs has special color to it. The techs know right away and will blame you. That how Nissan screws many people over. Plus, they put a sticker on the dipstick or near the transmission.

They will not honor the warranty. I started using Redline Cvt racing fluid in my Nissan, after the warranty expired. I added a cooler and it runs better than stock with more power and mpg. I did this atThe only thing is the redline fluid has to be changed about every 30K miles. If you want your tranny to last even longer? Do not ever do any hard launches with the Cvt tranny from a standstill, and follow all the best practices for an automatic transmission.

The manufacturers are rolling out the technology pretty rapidly, and sometimes a problem gets missed during the design or verification phase. They have those funny dog commercials, so if your mind wanders to the CVT, think about those dogs driving the car instead … lol ….Sign In with Edmunds.

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What Edmunds Says Pros. Got a lease deal in hand? Give us the details and we'll tell you if it's a good one. Evaluate my deal. Did you get a great deal? Meet your fellow owners in our Owners Clubs. September edited September in Subaru. I have a Subaru 2. The car has close to miles.

subaru cvt transmission problems

For the last year when the car changes gears at mph over 20 sometimes there is a short screeching noise. It happens at different speeds over 20mph. Because it is intermitant I have not pursued it with the dealer. But now I am approaching the 60, cvt guarantee and I took it to the dealer.

They test drove it and could not get the screeching noise to appear. I told them it happens more when it is wet and cold outside. I do not know what to do. September Could you get someone to record and date stampt the incident with a video camera? The dealer can't really pursue a warranty claim if the problem doesn't occur while in their possession. AT the very least you'd want the dealer to record your complaint on a repair order, even if they don't find anything.

A written record might help if something occurs after your warranty period. Have you checked fluid levels and all that? Thanks for your comments. I did take the vehicle to dealer before mi. They did check fluid and externally but could not find problem.

I am wondering if the cvt band could slip and produce the screeching noise. I will record the intermittent problem and talk to the dealer again. Are you sure it is the cvt? What about the alternator belt drive? Cold and wet makes belts more apt to slip.Subaru Corporation is offering consumers an extended warranty on the continuously variable transmission CVT on approximately 1. A warranty extension is much different from a recall, in that recalls require the manufacturer to fix every vehicle that could potentially be affected, not just the ones that exhibit issues.

With the warranty extension, Subaru will only fix vehicles that exhibit problems and the company can set a time limit on the warranty, for example, for 10 years ormiles. Critics of the action argue that many of the affected vehicles are likely at or close to the ,mile warranty limit already. This means that necessary repairs may not be performed, and owners risk the vehicle stalling out and potentially being harmed in a crash. Lawsuit Subject: If someone is hurt or killed in a crash caused by the continuously variable transmission issues that Subaru is aware of, they may be eligible to take legal action to hold the manufacturer accountable for their pain, suffering, medical bills, and other expenses associated with the accident.

It is clear that Subaru is aware of the issue, and instead of fixing the problem for all vehicles, they are merely offering an extended warranty to only address some of the vehicles in question, potentially jeopardizing the lives of countless drivers and passengers. In order to avoid such hazards caused by transmission problems, owners of vehicles not covered by the extended warranty due to excess mileage, for example may have to pay for costly repairs.

The problematic transmissions could also negatively affect the resale value of vehicles. Transmission issues on specific models of Subaru vehicles can cause the engine to stall at inopportune times, putting the driver, passengers, and other motorists at risk.

If you own one of the Subaru models affected, your warranty has been extended by the manufacturer from five years or 60, miles to 10 years ormiles, whichever comes first. Vehicles that are older or have a mileage higher than the warranty have been issued a one-year warranty extension that ends on July 31, The lemon law attorneys at Stern Law, PLLC, or affiliated law firms, help consumers who have purchased or leased problem vehicles that qualify for relief under state lemon laws.

We want to hear about your situation and provide you with advice about your best legal options. Call us today at or submit a confidential case inquiry form today. I understand and agree to the Terms and Conditions. Stern Law P.A CVT continuously variable transmission is a single-speed transmission that works like an automatic shifter for seamless shifting through a range of gear ratios, unlike other mechanical shifters that offer access to a fixed number of gear ratios.

So, how long do CVT transmissions last? You should look into it if you have intended to purchase a CVT car. A CVT is a lesser-known option to conventional automatic transmissions. What does CVT mean in cars? How long does a cvt transmission last? The concerns about the shifters lifespan have started after several issues in the first-generation models.

Jeep also had issues in the Compass model along with a few others. It has a steel chain about an inch wide that is the main route for transferring power from the engine to the rest of the car. If this chain breaks down for some reasons, the transmission will stop functioning. When the chain fails, it shatters into pieces with shrapnel everywhere. A traditional auto shifter does not create such a mess when it fails.

There could be worn out valves, burnt out clutches, or cracked sun shell, but nothing messy as metal shrapnel. However, the automakers have been working relentlessly to improve the technology. Almost all the newer models of the brands are better than their predecessors. How long do CVT transmissions last if you take good care of them? At least more than five years! CVT is still a new technology and the automakers have been working to improve it. But, they will still last for a long time if you do proper maintenance.

CVT helps with fuel efficiency by increasing the mileage and it has several other advantages. However, not all the models enjoy all the benefits equally. Hopefully this article is useful for you. If you have any car question, feel free to leave us a comment in the box below, we will answer it for you.

subaru cvt transmission problems

Though Honda guarantee the transmission fluid for a lifetime but it is not like that:. More Honda CVT reliability can be found here. Tsukasa Azuma is an awesome car blogger of Car From Japan. He owns a car repair shop at downtown Osaka, and he put all that experience to good use in his sharing posts. Login with Google. Likes Followers Followers. Import used cars directly from Japan. Facts and Fallacies! Maintenance Tips. By Tsukasa Azuma Last updated Oct 1, Facts and Fallacies 1.

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